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Le Séjalat, Espaly Saint-Marcel •
43000 Le Puy-en-Velay • France

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Our vertical integration allows us to have a complete, controlled and proven know-how.

From design to packaging, we master all the steps of the manufacturing process.

Yarn warping
Warping consists in preparing the yarn that will be used to produce the bands on the looms. During the warping process, the raw material (yarn) is positioned on a beam so that it can be used on our various production machines (weaving looms, knitting looms). The warping workshop is composed of 4 machines:
  • 1 for elastane,
  • 1 for monofilaments,
  • 2 for rigid yarns.
Thanks to our integrated warping workshop, Fontanille Scop can guarantee reliability and reactivity in the processing of your orders.
Bobbin Lace workshop
We have 60 bobbin looms and an ancestral know-how in these production techniques. 
Bobbin lace production has made the reputation of Fontanille for decades, it is the oldest company's activity for over 160 years. The bobbin lace workshop has looms that work with the jacquard technique: perforated cards that allow the selection and movement of the bobbins.
These century-old looms produce between 2 and 3 meters per hour. These laces, which are very elaborate and refined, are mainly used by major luxury lingerie designers. 
Weaving workshop
We have 30 weaving looms that produce between 3000 and 5000 meters per week.
Fontanille Scop manufactures woven elastic bands from 15 to 90 mm. We are also specialised in producing velvet elastics for the lingerie industry.
We also have an industrial weaving workshop where we produce technical fabrics from 15 mm to 1.40 meters width, with high modulus, which are intended for the tire industry. The workshop is composed of 4 shuttle looms, 3 large looms, 10 weaving looms.
Knitting workshop
Fontanille Scop offers two types of knitting production for the manufacture of lace and elastic bands for hold-ups.
We have more than 40 crochet looms in gauges 15 or 20 which each produce between 3000 and 5000 meters per week.
The production on Rachel looms is Fontanille Scop's most important activity; we have 14 Rachel looms. Our production capacity on these looms is between 8000 and 25000 meters per week and per loom. We have several machines from gauge 18 to gauge 24, which allows us to create complex designs.
Dyeing workshop
We can make any colors on your demand working from a textile swatch of the color of your choice.
We have two dyeing methods:
  • Continuous dyeing: dynamic dyeing process, for all types of colors: from the lightest to the darkest. We have 5 continuous dyeing machines.
  • Plunged dyeing: static dyeing process, which allows to realize deeper and very dark colors. The machine park in plunged dyeing is composed of 5 machines going from 1 arm to 12 arms.
We are equipped with a colorimeter for the colors’ study and traceability follow-up.
Silicone coating workshop
Silicone application or coating consists in applying liquid silicone on the band to give it grip.
We are one of the European leaders on this market.
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Finishing and packaging department
At the end of this chain, laces and bands are packed.
We have several types of conditioning according to the structure of the article: folding in spools or in containers.
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